5 Sweet Cocktails To Try This Easter Weekend




The big Easter Bank Holiday is here, tropes of city-dwellers have jumped on trains home for the weekend, and the weather (by UK standards) seems to be surprisingly forgiving. Which means there’s only one thing for it: dig around your childhood bedroom for the cocktail kit you were given on your 18th birthday, invite your oldest pals over and host an impromptu cocktail party. If you normally live away and you’re visiting your parents, be aware that this is one of the few times you have free reign of someone else’s kitchen cupboards. Take from that what you will – or just chuck everything you can find into a cocktail shaker and hope for the best.

Here are five Easter-ready cocktails that will get you in the springtime spirit and probably satisfy your sweet tooth.

rasp beer

The Raspberry Beer Cocktail

Beer, vodka, raspberries and pink lemonade are all you need to create one of our all-time favourite spring/summer cocktails (we may be slightly biased due to the fact that, as well as being very refreshing, this drink is also pink). Try it now. It’s an order. The recipe’s here.

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