Calling Time on Unrealistic ‘Bagspills’: Here’s What’s REALLY in Our Bags


Remember the good old ‘What’s in my bag?’ tag that circulated style blogs and YouTube circa 2010? Well, it’s been revived for the Instagram generation under a new guise: the ‘bagspill.’ In case you’re unfamiliar with bagspilling, its premise is pretty simple: revealing the contents of your handbag with an, er, artful flair. Fashion bloggers, ‘digital influencers’ and the like have got the bagspill down to a fine art, and the #bagspill hashtag on Instagram certainly looks good, but we’re not going to lie: it’s all becoming a liiiittle bit contrived.

Seriously, though, what kind of person carries a bottle of Huile Prodigieuse in their handbag? Do they like to oil up their legs on the Tube? And what of the ladies who colour-coordinate the inside of their handbags – how can anyone ever be that organised? I have a lot of questions for the glamourous bagspillers of Instagram. Possibly because I’m jealous of how well they have appear to have their shit together; possibly because I suspect it’s all lies.

In an attempt to discover whether women I knew in the real world curated their handbags as carefully as they do their wardrobes, I asked some of The Closet’s team to reveal what was really in their bags.

The results were interesting and I can come away from them with two main takeaways: firstly, our bags’ contents are generally more sparse than those featured in Instagram’s most popular #bagspills. Secondly, I say ‘generally’ because some of us seem to live more cluttered lives than others – I probably come across as the most disorganised of the bunch, which is a bit of a worry considering I’m the one tasked with organising the others ladies’ writing schedules. However, one woman’s ‘messy’ is another woman’s ‘well-prepared.’ You never know when that 8-month-old receipt might come in handy!

Ashleigh B

Ashleigh Bannister (bag by Michael Kors)

sanja p

Sanja Pipus (unbranded bag from an independent boutique)

grace's bag spill

Grace Howard (bag from Zara)

sophie m

Sophie Meeson

sophia c

Sophia Chettleburgh

anne b

Anne Bullen (bag from Raggio Veneziano)

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