Five Nail Hacks To Try If You’re Lacking Artistic Ability (Or Patience)

Who doesn’t love a good manicure? I certainly do, but I don’t always have time to do create a really detailed look whilst working and studying full-time… quite frankly, I don’t have the patience either. What’s a girl to do?! Don’t fret, as I’m going to share five of my go-to nail art hacks, because you really can DIY impressive, professional-looking nails in no time at all! How handy…

glitter feature nail

Glitter nails

Glitter nails are super easy to achieve as you only need three nail polishes. I went for a light pink base, a gold for the feature nail and a chunky silver glitter topcoat to set it all off. Simply paint your nails with the base colour, paint the ring finger a different colour and then top with as much glitter as you like!


Caviar beads

This is great for those who really struggle to paint their nails neatly. Simply buy some caviar nail beads from your local drugstore, sprinkle over wet nail polish and voila! It is wonderfully easy and a great solution if you’re looking to cover up a bad paint job. It happens to all of us…


Nail transfers

Transfers are super cheap; you can find them for less than £2 on eBay, plus they offer up the opportunity to detailed designs in seconds. Lazy girls, listen up. Just cut around the transfer and use tweezers to hold it in some room-temperature water for 30 seconds. Afterwards, peel off the white backing and then stick to the nail. Use a top coat to leave a shine and seal in the design and you are finished!

galaxyy 524105_10152823990394162_3802947508987755195_n

Galaxy nails

If you want to have a go at something more detailed, try galaxy nails! You’ll need a few different shades of polish (dark blue, purple, pink, orange, grey and white should do the trick), a makeup sponge and a clear glitter topcoat. Paint your nails with a dark blue base and then sponge on all of the other colours lightly. Add a few white dots to replicate stars and then finish with a glitter top coat! It looks far more difficult than it actually is but the end result is lovely! This is my go-to and takes no more than 10 minutes.


Nail tape

Great for short nails, nail tape makes creating lines and patterns so much easier. It is self-adhesive, so fuss-free. Using a light nail polish, paint your nails and let them dry completely. Place the tape in the pattern you want and then paint over the entire nail (including the tape). Leave the nail to dry until it is tacky and then peel off the tape and run the topcoat over the design.

Images via Elizabeth Reilly

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