6 Life Lessons We Learned From Watching Napoleon Dynamite



Napoleon Dynamite is one of #TheCloset‘s all-time favourite films. There’s no sex, no violence, no cursing and not much really happens, but, let’s face it, it’s one of the best cult movies EVER made.

Having watched the film one too many times (not that we know the lines off by heart or anything…) it’s become clear that there are some truly valuable life lessons to be learned whilst watching it. So, pay attention and soon your life will be as great as Napoleon’s.

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Love is weird, embrace it

Kip and Lafawnda are truly a match made in heaven. Even when Kip does bring out his inner gangsta after wearing socks with sandals (yikes!) there is nothing stopping this couple from being the best. They might look the odd couple, but they sure get on like a house on fire and that’s what’s important, right?!

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