A Gilmore Girls Revival Trailer Came Out Today – Here’s All You Need to Know


The new series of Gilmore Girls is due out on November 25th so, precisely a month in advance, Netflix has dropped the first official trailer for the show. So, what exactly can we expect from a year in the life of the Gilmore girls? Here’s what the trailer’s revealed and, if you want to see it all, the trailer can be viewed in full below.


The time comes to say goodbye to Richard Gilmore

As the beloved husband of Emily, father of Lorelai and granddaughter of the ‘other Lorelai’, Rory, Richard’s funeral, which we see a snippet of trailer, is going to be emotional. We’re also given the opportunity to see Emily pay tribute to Richard in a typically extravagant fashion – commissioning a floor-to-ceiling-height portrait of her husband, that is. Edward Herrmann, who plays Richard, tragically passed away in 2014.


The girls still know how to live life properly

In one morning-after scene, Lorelai moans, “Did we order Chinese, Greek and Italian food last night?” Yes, they did, Rory confirms, as she eats a pop tart. And they had some hot dogs, too. Big night. “Last night was a blur,” Lorelai concedes.


Kirk makes an appearance at Emily’s dinner table

Nobody knows why, but please be assured that he is not Emily’s new guy. Just wanted to make that one clear.

Rory’s post-college life isn’t as brilliant as she’d hoped

At the beginning of the trailer, we hear Rory declare, “This is my time to be rootless,” as she travels, presumably with work, to London and New York. However, she later complains to Jess(!): “I’m feeling very lost these days. I have no job, I have no credit, I have no underwear.” Rory, all we can say is that we know how you feel.


Lorelai is seeing a counsellor

It seems that she’s having some issues with her relationship with Luke. We think/hope/pray they will make it last for those four episodes – we can’t deal with the heartbreak if it doesn’t work out.


Did we mention that Jess is back?


But so is Logan…


…and Dean as well 

One of the few things Netflix isn’t giving any clues to is the outcome of Rory’s relationship status. Who will she pick?! Why torture us like this?!


Most importantly, we see Emily Gilmore wearing a t-shirt

It’s taken 16 years, but she’s finally discovered the slobby satisfaction of throwing on a t-shirt-and-jeans combo. Classic.

Bring on November 25th!

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