Can A Mobile App Really Help You Understand Your Other Half?!

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For the past fortnight I’ve been trialling new app Happy Couple, designed by entrepreneur Julien Robert, who dubs himself an “engineer with a big heart” who wants to “[hack] the code to become a Happy Couple”.

This is a fun app for anyone in a couple – or even a close friendship – who wants to see if they really know each other.

As you sign up you’re given a code to give to your partner so they can then join in with the questions and challenges. You’re given 3-5 questions a day on various categories: Recreation, Responsibilities, Sex, Information, Communication and Emotional.

For every correct match you get with each other you get a point, and after so many points you’re levelled up.


It all looked and sounded great so I tried it out with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for over three years, so I thought it would be a breeze…

After the first few rounds of questions my other half absolutely hated it! I was quite enjoying it – finding it funny when we each got something wrong and laughing about it – but he was not. He hates being wrong, and actually ended up getting moody about some of the questions, losing his chill with me because he thought I answered my own question wrong!


Oops… I thought I was meaner than I am!

I’ll be honest, some of the questions were a bit hit-or-miss, with a couple of the options being pretty similar or a very, very hard call. One of the harder questions was: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” – with the possible answers being either a) in a big city, b) in another country, c) in the country, or d) still at home.

There are also challenges you’re given to try to complete with your other half – for example, “Kiss your partner for over 10 seconds when he next walks through the door.” It’s just a bit of fun for couples, really, and it also offers up some tips and tricks for relationships along the way.


We’ve persevered and each answered our five allocated questions every day, and I really feel like we’ll carry on doing this for a while. We’re over 100 miles from each other for weeks at a time, so it’s nice to know that we’re both taking the time out to answer the questions… and we’re actually getting more and more correct now, which is a bonus!


All in all I thought it was good fun and would give it four out of five stars. We’re currently on Level 6 and have answered 72 questions. But, ladies/gents, beware: if your partner HATES getting things wrong then this might not be the app for you… or you might just have to put up with slight moods for the first few rounds.


You can download Happy Couple from the app store – or directly through this link.

Images via Anne Bullen / Happy Couple

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