Learning to Embrace the Darker Nights and Colder Weather

I’ve really noticed a change in the weather over the last week or so. It has become a lot colder and the nights are becoming darker earlier and earlier. I can sometimes get really bogged down in this change as winter is getting closer and getting up in the morning and being outside becomes so much harder. However, there are some ways I choose to embrace this change and spin it into a positive, rather than becoming sad that the summer months have finally drawn to a close for another year.



I love having a bath. I find it so relaxing and I love some ‘me-time’ with candles, a face mask, some Lush goodies and a good book. During the summer months, however, I don’t fully appreciate them because I get too hot and uncomfortable. However, as soon as the darker and colder nights begin to happen, I love a steamy bath before curling up in bed to squeeze in a few more chapters of my book before going to sleep.


Hot chocolate

To me, a cup of hot chocolate is a very wintery drink. I don’t normally have them until this time of year, when I might curl up under a blanket on my sofa and watch a film. Hot chocolates remind me of evenings spent with my mum and brother when I was younger and we would make a pot and watch a film together on a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon. To me they are quite nostalgic and something I really look forward to at this time of year.


New Coats & Boots

Every year I like to treat myself to some sort of winter staple, whether that’s a new coat or a new pair of boots. In the UK, with winter comes cold, harsh winds and rainy days, so a warm coat and a suitable pair of boots become everyday staples for a few months. I always want to make sure that I pick something that will not only keep me warm and comfortable, but something that will go with everything I wear as I’ll most likely be wearing these staples every day.


Woolly jumpers & blankets

As much as a warm coat and ankle boots become a wardrobe staple as the weather gets colder, big woolly jumpers and warm cosy blankets also take centre stage. I love wearing thick woolly jumpers and one of the first things I do when I get home from work is get changed into my Topshop Joggers and a lovely oversized jumper. I also start to pull out my lovely warm blankets around this time of year and strategically place them around the house, on the backs of chairs, the end of the bed and on the sofa, so that they are always to hand when it gets a little chilly.

The Importance of taking time for yourself


One of my favourite things about darker nights and colder weather is candles. I am a huge lover of candles and love to light them during this time of year to feel really cosy. I love Yankee candles, but prefer to use cheaper ones from Primark for everyday use. I would love a Jo Malone or Diptyque candle as they always smell amazing – maybe I’ll treat myself to one for the new season!

 Images via Madolyn Blackburn

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