See Out Your Summer Hols With This Playlist

Technically speaking, we’ve got until 22nd September to live out all of our summer dreams for the year. But, in reality, the end of August is nigh, meaning that many of us will be heading back to work, uni, college or school in a matter of weeks (if you’re lucky enough to have had a long summer break at all, that is).

To see out those precious remaining lazy days, we’ve created this playlist of tracks that our editorial team have been digging recently. We’ve not added anything too punchy or too sombre to this playlist, making it ideal for winding down to when you know your jollies are coming to an end, but you’re not completely ready to accept it.

Why not tweet us @TheClosetHTF or drop a comment below to let us know what you’ll be listening to (besides this playlist, obvs) to get you through the September blues?

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