The Definitive Guide to Men’s Gifts!

Superman Gift

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For years, we’ve been drawn to the lure of deodorant sets and 2-for-1 comedy socks – now it’s time for a men’s gift revolution. Put down the sports shop vouchers, leave the shaving foam on the shelf and step away from the Superman underpants. We’ve compiled a definitive guide of the top ten men’s gifts to make your next present hunt easy.

Coffee machine

Save your man the hassle of queueing up at a high street coffee shop with a load of other sleepy 9-5ers and invest in a coffee machine. Tassimo coffee pods and machines are a popular choice thanks to their compact size and wide range of products to choose from.

Transparent padlock

Has your man always fancied himself as a bit of an Artful Dodger? Does he stay up late watching repeats of The Real Hustle? A transparent padlock lets him practice picking locks without the fear of getting arrested.

Whiteboard wall clock

Pointless waste of money, we hear you say. Yet a whiteboard wall clock can be used to your advantage. Your brother will never forget your birthday, boyfriend will remember his own dentist appointments and your dad will have to remember that the bins go out at 5pm on a Tuesday!

Games console

Let your man’s inner 12-year-old be free… and also give him the best present ever.


Buying a gift doesn’t have to mean something tangible. Experiences can be a lot more valuable than possessions and adventure weekends are a fantastic idea for any man. Parasailing in Spain? Rock climbing in the Lake District? Go-karting at your local circuit?


We did our research and, believe us, dartboards are weirdly popular amongst men. But which to buy, a bristle or a cabinet or an electronic? Here’s a round-up of some solid options to help you out.

Funny gadgets

You may laugh at the idea of a pocket fishing rod or spy sunglasses but it could be the craze of the future! Two words: selfie stick.

Men’s grooming products

Your man may never venture into the grooming aisles of his local Boots or Superdrug. He may look clueless at the mention of moisturiser or beard shampoo. However, once he discovers how baby-soft his face can feel, you’ll have a moisturiser convert on your hands.


Everything they say about the path to a man’s heart being through his stomach is true. Take your brother out for a steak, your best mate to the curry house or cook your partner a meal and happiness will follow. There are also plenty of creative food gifts you can send your favourite dude, if he’s got a taste for the unusual.

Whether you decide to buy a new-fangled device, weekend away or a moustache brush, we’re sure the men in your life will be happy that you put a bit of thought into their presents.

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