What To Buy To Make Your Uni Room A Paradise


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One of the most exciting parts of going to uni is moving out of the family home and being thrown into a flat with a group of people you don’t know. For most people, living in halls is a great induction to university life; for others, living in halls is not ideal. But even if you end up with the world’s worst flatmates, or wind up living in one of the most run-down buildings you’ve ever seen, nothing’s stopping you from turning your bedroom into a little cosy paradise.

Click through the gallery to see our top tips for decorating your bedroom in halls – because, let’s face it, that cheap furniture and dodgy desk lamp wouldn’t quite cut it if you were anywhere else. Read on to find out what you need to buy (or bring) in order to make that transition to uni life as comfortable as possible.

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Good bedding

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You’ll probably never spend as much time in bed as you will do at university. You may begin with good intentions, planning to do your work at your desk – you might even set up your own little workspace to encourage productivity and balanced thought – but you’ll end up doing your work on your bed, as well as eating takeaway in bed (partly out of shame, as you don’t want your flatmates to know you’re on your fourth McDonalds of the week, but mostly just out of laziness), watching endless Netflix in bed and avoiding going to lectures by staying in bed. Ergo: your bed situation is very important. At uni, your room is your place to shut out the world, so you can at least make that worn-out single bed as cosy as possible. My own plan of attack was jazzy Zara Home bedding, paired with a double duvet and four pillows; a double duvet somehow makes the bed feel bigger, and it’s perfect for wrapping yourself up in on the days your heating decides not to work.

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