All the Dreamy Stuff We Loved at F&F’s AW17 Preview Event

Earlier this week, The Closet was invited to the F&F Autumn/Winter 17 collection preview, so I went down to check it out. The event was hosted at Carousel, down Blandford Street, which provided a cool and modern atmosphere that fitted the mood of the collection perfectly.

While the collection was split into three sections – womenswear, menswear and childrenswear – we focused mainly on the womenswear, which, handily, was the largest collection being showcased. I was genuinely blown away by the quality, style and price of all of the products and can’t wait for this collection to launch publicly.

There was a collection of clothes due to hit shop floors in July, which were so dreamy. The theme felt slightly Victorian and vintage with the high neck tops and lace detailing. The key colours were teal, duty pinks, mustard, grey and blue. It is such a beautiful palette, and each item was rich in textured detailing like embroidery, lace, ruffles and fringing.

Not only were these pieces undoubtedly on trend, fashionable and constructed in fabrics with such a high-quality feel, the price range of these items was considerably low. The most expensive piece at the showcase, a long puffer jacket with a luxurious feel to it, was priced at £55.


These pieces launching in September had a lot of black, red and gold in them, as well as splatters of floral print. There was a lot of texture to be delighted in in F&F’s autumn/winter collection; I fell in love this beautiful, black velvet-look jumper, which is covered in gold studs.

There was also a big focus on sheer tops and layers to add definition to outfits, which continued to tap into the embroidered floral theme. I absolutely adored the long, sheer black dress overlaid with red floral detail; this piece could be styled in many different ways for both smart and casual occasions.

As well as textured detail, many of these clothes were all about the sleeves! Lots of the tops boasted flared, ribbon or tie detailing, with some coming in stunning lace finishes. I thought that this golden lace top, with flared sleeves, was gorgeous and would be a perfect winter party top… all the Christmas vibes, right?

There was an entire lingerie and nightwear section which, of course, was also beautiful and exuded feminine charm. I loved the classic and vintage feel of each of the pieces. Dusky pinks, creams and lace added to the romantic fifties vibe.

The fitness range was very cool and had a real ‘Sweaty Betty’ feel to it due to the floral leggings and crossover tops. There was a fantastic range of items available for any fitness gal, weather you’re a keen runner or just want something to throw on for a relaxing yoga session.

Accessories-wise, everything looked pretty effortless and relaxed. There were some beautiful leopard print boots and lots of cute little trainers. Again, these followed through on the whole collection’s focus on texture; there were lots of opulent velvet, flocked finishes going on. The bags, hats and scarves were kept plain, but I liked this as I thought that it complimented the busy, intricate designs of the clothing.

I am so excited for the F&F A/W collection to come to Tesco stores in September and know that I will be having a huge shopping spree when it is officially launched.

Thanks for having us, F&F!

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