Eudon Choi Is Our Favourite Rising Fashion Star

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Walking around London, it’s hard to ignore the vast amount of talented designer’s collections draped over elegantly shaped mannequins in shop windows. There are so many of them deservedly advertised on billboards and in magazines, but there is one British designer that we believe should be receiving more recognition, admiration and attention: Eudon Choi. This is a name that you might not be too familiar with, but one that you should definitely look out for.

Korean-born Choi first appeared on the fashion scene after his graduate collection was chosen to be sold at one of London’s famous Dover Street Market. From that moment on, Eudon Choi’s name was thrust into the laps of every fashion mogul in the industry.

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Having Senior Designer for All Saints on his CV obviously helped matters from the get-go, but that was far from the making of Choi. He was dubbed ‘One to Watch’ by Vauxhall Fashion Scouts in 2010, and later received a VFS Merit Award. His obvious dedication and natural talent was finally recognised after this win and resulted in his first solo catwalk at London Fashion Week. Needless to say, after making an appearance at one of the most important fashion events in the world, Eudon’s imagery and designs took on a whole new meaning and threw him into the limelight.

We think it’s fair to say that a designer who can churn out beautiful clothes for both men and women year in, year out is always going to be a winner in the public’s eye. But aside from the gender-diverse collections that Eudon creates, he always manages to ensure that each and every item is bold, beautiful and truly unique. Viewing his past collections, you can see the subtle changes and the latest trends being introduced in his own way as he draws on his Asian background. Eudon’s AW13 range was clearly way ahead of the times, incorporating masculine suits and tailoring with a burst of femininity. There was something for every fashion hungry buyer: florals, leather, A-lines and knitwear.

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Each new campaign matures and excites as Eudon always appears to be two steps in front of other designers. Having models of different races, he cleverly draws in a wider variety of admirers, and encourages acceptance and appreciation of other cultures – something that, up until the last 10 years, has sadly been largely absent in the worlds of fashion and beauty.

We can only hope that Eudon’s rare and beautiful designs continue to grace the catwalk and that his hard work and talent earns him the attention that he deserves.

For more information on Eudon and to view his latest collections, click here.

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