Has Summer Ruined Your Skin? Here’s How to Get it Back to Normal

Get hydrated!

Did you know that your skin’s the largest organ in your body? And did you know that amount of water you’re able to lose from your skin when you’re out in the sun is, like, huge? Drinking plenty of water while you’re out and about – as well as after you’ve come in from the sun – is super important if you want to keep your skin cells hydrated and plump.

Get that sunburn sorted!

Sunburn is the worst. We’ve all been there (and, if you haven’t, then we applaud your dedication to SPF). OTC-strength steroids, like hydrocortisone creams, are the best bet for at-home treatment (as an aside, though, do go to your GP if you have sunburnt really badly). Another item that’s handy to keep in your skincare stash is aloe vera gel which, especially if you pop it in the fridge beforehand, will have a soothing, cooling effect on sensitive, inflamed skin. Arguably the worst part of sunburn is the awful shedding and peeling phase in the aftermath of the burn – your skin will be particularly sensitive, as well as extremely dry, at this point, so keep your body care stripped back with fragrance-free products that are as thick and heavy-duty as possible.

Get moisturised!

To further my aforementioned point on heavy-duty moisturiser, it really is a post-summer essential. All of the best summer things, like the heat, sea water and sand can all contribute to the drying of the skin (if you’ve been in a pool, you need to watch out for chlorine as well!), so you need to go HAM with the moisturiser to help to restore the skin’s lipid barrier. Lock moisture into your lips with a hydrating lip balm, and ditch the foaming facial washes in favour of more skin-loving balm, oil or cream cleansers; they won’t strip the skin as much.

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