Packing For A VIP Holiday On A Camping Budget!

[tps_header]Forever trying to fund a lifestyle you can’t afford? We feel your pain. While it would be nice to sail through life like the Hilton’s and Kardashian’s of this world, for most of us designer gladrags come at a cost. Besides, there’s plenty of joy to be found in bargain hunting. Live within your means and have more loot to splash on your holiday, from ladies shorts to cute kimonos we’re about to show you how to pack like a boss:[/tps_header]

Peacocks Poplin Shorts

Source: Peacocks

Oh-So Tropical

Peacocks Poplin Shorts – £12

It’s not a holiday until the shorts come out to play. Leave your denim staples at home this season and reach for a printed pair instead. Not only is tropical print bang on trend, it also complements the exotic holiday environment. Walk down an industrial UK city in tropical shorts and you’re apt to get some funny looks. Walk down a palm tree lined beach in them on the other hand, be crowned a fashion queen forever.

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