Our Seven Tips For Stunning Winter Skin!


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In winter, our skin has to deal with two extremes. As soon as we get outside, it’s extremely cold and, when we are inside, it’s warm again. Central heating in the living areas dry out the air, which, of course, also dries out our skin. Skin is body’s biggest and most impacted organ – we have to protect it.

During winter, our skin can become dehydrated and dry due to the low humidity and drop in temperatures. As a result, hydrating and moisturizing skin care products are a MUST to treat the skin and keep it looking healthy and glowy. Use the richest products. You swapped summer clothes for winter clothes a few months ago – why not switch up your skincare routine, too?

Here’s our guide for fighting back against itchy, flaky skin and boost hydration.

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Drink. More. Water.

Newsflash: even in winter you still have to drink lots of water. Water is essential, so, if we’re constantly making up for the large amounts we lose each day, skin elasticity is compromised.

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