This £3.29 Retro Cleanser is Our Latest Unlikely Beauty Favourite

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Hi! My name’s Grace and I’m a skincare addict. I’m also overworked and hardly ever take a weekend off, but I always make an exception for a bank holiday. There’s something wonderfully British about sitting in a beer garden on a Sunday and, knowing you don’t have any work or driving to worry about the next day, downing several glasses of wine before you’ve even had lunch. Just because you can. One of the downsides of daytime drinking, however, is realising you’re too drunk to function at 3pm and having to make that all-important choice: scuttle home to drink water before the late-afternoon hangover hits, or continue drinking to avoid said hangover.

Because I’m pathetic and can’t deal with hangovers I decided to call it quits this bank holiday, retreating home early for water and, er, the internet. And you know what I love about skincare? Being able to buy loads of it on Amazon and get it delivered the next day!

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My most recent drunk Amazon order comprised the following: a Sex and the City box set (my random SATC craving was the reason I went online in the first place), a foundation brush and a bottle of Anne French’s Deep Cleansing Milk. So girlie, so unnecessary, but so good.

It’s 2016, so you probably already know about SATC and make-up brushes. They’re great. What you may not know, however, is how bloody brilliant Anne French’s cleanser is.

I’ll start by saying that it looks awful. The bottle is triangular and when you click the plastic lid off, the thing looks more like a bottle of contact lens solution than a cleansing milk. The other thing that surprised me is how liquidy and thin the formula is. I use cleansing oils on the reg, so I’m used to a runny consistency, but it could take some getting used to if you’re not nerdy about skincare.


On the positive side, though, this cleanser doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. It doesn’t foam up and dry you out. It has an unobtrusive, light citrus smell (for a cleanser that was was all the rage in the 80s, I was expecting something more powdery and ‘granny-ish’), and it helps obliterate all traces of make-up from my deep, clogged-up pores. I have acneic, oily skin that is so sensitive that it reacts to new products straight away, and I’m pleased to say that, thus far, this Deep Cleansing Milk hasn’t caused any angry spots to appear.

Oh, and did I mention this baby is £3.29? And that it’s not tested on animals? Well, there’s that. I use this as part of a double-cleansing routine, currently as a second cleanse following a cleansing oil or balm. It could be used as a first cleanse (i.e. to remove make-up), too. This is a brilliant cruelty-free alternative to other gentle cleansers like Cetaphil, and I’m sure to be repurchasing it.

You can buy Anne French’s Deep Cleansing Milk here. Save up your money for serum, not cleansers. You can thank me later.

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