City vs Countryside: Which Wins?

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Moving to university is a big step for anyone, but moving from the calm countryside to a busy, bustling city can make the move a whole lot more daunting. There are, of course, pros and cons to both, but which one is for you?

Last September I took the leap and moved from the South Devon coastal town of Torquay up the road nearly 300 miles to the hectic city of Manchester. The two couldn’t be more different if they tried. Torquay is surrounded by beautiful beaches and seaside cafes, whereas Manchester is home to soaring skyscrapers, hundreds of restaurants, tons of shops… there is something for pretty much everyone.

Leaving the countryside was hard. It was particularly heartbreaking to say goodbye to the beach, which I visit regularly during the warm summer months. As expected, the countryside often offers a much more relaxed vibe than the city does – something anyone who has made the move would definitely agree with. The tranquillity of living by the countryside was something I regularly missed whilst at uni in Manchester (I lived next to a police station, so you can only imagine the noise!) however I’ll be the first to admit at times it would feel like there was nothing to do. In the countryside, your options can sometimes feel very limited.

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It is in those times of boredom where a city like Manchester truly shines. There really is something for everyone, whether it be a fancy meal in the infamous Northern Quarter, shopping for hours in the Arndale or having the night of your life at one of Manchester’s many nightclubs. It is with this I will argue that the city life has the upper hand. There are such a wide variety of things to choose to do. I think in my year in the city, I barely scratched the surface.

Not only is there so much to do, but so many ways to journey to the heart of the city. There are frequent trains, trams and buses to catch from the surrounding towns and all for pennies! From my personal experience travelling in the countryside is not only difficult due to the lack of options but also costs a fair bit more than it does in the city (obviously excluding London!).

Living in a city is an experience everyone should have as, with plenty to do and many places to explore, boredom will never hit again. However, the countryside also has many amazing things to offer; you can’t go wrong with gorgeous views and beautiful weather. It’s fair to say that they both have a lot to offer and, having experienced both country and city life, I must conclude that there is no winner – both are great in their own ways.

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