Yes, There IS a Point to the Oscars, And Here’s Why You Should Watch Them

Written by Eve Penberthy

He won. It happened. We can all forget about the Oscars now. I’m talking about Leonardo DiCaprio’s win last year, of course, which means the Oscars can get no better, right? There’s no suspense, no reason to watch them, no point to the Oscars, right? Wrong.

I don’t tend to say things like this lightly, but I have no doubt that the day of the Oscars is the best day of the year. For me, it’s all about gathering around the TV with your family, joy on your faces, as if you’re watching another family member perform in the X Factor final. It’s about noticing your mother beam as Ryan Gosling approaches the stage, full of pride, as if he were actually her own son.

Oscars hysteria begins when the nominations are announced, around three to four weeks before the main event. If you’re a film buff, there’s an anxiety that runs through you as you wait to hear if your favourite film has been recognised. You’ve got so much adrenaline running through you that you feel like you could complete the entire London Marathon in 20 minutes.

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It’s not just about the awards, either – you get to see Matt Damon reunite with Ben Affleck, you get to see Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively storm down the red carpet, and you might even get to see the wonder that is Jake Gyllenhaal in a suit, with his beard/man-bun combination.

Numerous people have told me that they just don’t see the point of the Oscars, because why do actors need more fame? Why do we need to give already-recognised people even more recognition with pointless awards? There are a lot of pointless things in the world. Fingerless gloves, for example, are pointless. If you wanted warm hands, why would you buy gloves with no fingers? The little bag that comes with your umbrella: also pointless. Nobody uses it; it just gets forgotten about and eventually thrown away. The Oscars, otherwise known as one of the most prestigious awards anybody could ever receive, are not pointless.

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Without the Oscars, how would people know what films need to be seen? Good films deserve to be watched. Don’t waste your time watching Finding Dory because ‘Finding Nemo was a classic!’ Spend your weekend watching The Revenant, where Leonardo Dicaprio actually sleeps inside a dead horse. If that commitment isn’t Oscar-worthy, I don’t know what is.

So please, don’t ignore the Oscars because it’s ‘just another awards show.’ Watch them! Make sure you cheer when your favourite actor is finally recognised, and cry when they thank their parents in their acceptance speech. Maybe one day you’ll realise how wonderful and how not pointless the Oscars truly are.

Eve Penberthy, 17, is a member of the JAx Journalism Academy at Exeter College. She has a blog and can be found on Instagram @evepenberthy

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